Umber ref by shadowhunter9003-d36hs1g

Name: Umber
Age: ? (about 21)
Sex: Male
Occupation: Straight
Crush: Riley
Family: Rizuma (half little brother)
Friends: Riley, Dadui, Puppet Master, Puppets and Jostiu (Jostiu is trying to help him control his anger problem...)
Enemies: Ringmaster
Rivals: Rizuma


Umber, demon name Ishui the Demon of 1,000 Nightmares, is the half older brother of Rizuma. Rizuma's mother happened to be fooling around befor settling down with Rizuma's father Ikakui. During that time she became pregnet with a snake demon's child. When Umber was born, she nearly died giving birth. Ikakui was ashamed at his wife, but staied with her none the less. She died while giving birth to Rizuma. Ikakui sent Umber away to a training camp, which he left to find his brother. When he did he met Riley and Dadui. And for Umber it was love at first site. But he has a rival,being his younger brother, in the liking of Riley. Also usually mistaken for a tadpole, he is not. He has no tail. Also for his father being a Australian snake-like demon, he too speaks with a heavy Asutrailian accent.