Kuroshi and shiroku by penguinqueen423-d3l3hhz-1-
Shiroku and Kuroshi are puppet twins, and both are made with the same computer programming. Made by Rick Myers (From Puppet Master 4, but this is imaginary). Not made out of wood, they are technically cyborg puppets. And can actually communicate, with voices and languages.

They both, sound the same, are the same age, but have their own distinct characteristics other than their weapons and color patterns.

Shiroku: A bit shy, and quiet when meeting new people. And acts as a helping hand to her sister, Kuroshi.

Kuroshi: Average in social levels, but protective over her sister Shiroku.

Both have mini-guns attached to their arms, but Kuroshi has bigger mini-guns that make up her forearms and hands (sadly she can't pick anything up). They've also got cybernetic eyes under the hair that covers it, and can pull up any information on a person/puppet/projectile. They're also built with a switch that is attached to their ear that can be switched to many languages, including Binary code. They may be cyborgs, but they were also brought to life with the life essence of two twin sisters Rick had previously known who were murdered after he became the caretaker of the Bodega Bay Inn. They also were built with fully operating radar to track any thing within long distances, a built in phone to contact, and their cybernetic eyes can be used as projectors and to record any memory.