Pumpkinhead by mrmachination
Pumpkinhead is the Halloween Puppet that can scare people to death.


He has the soul of Jonathan Laughton. He wears Shredded scarecrow–like clothes, noose around his neck, black shoes and a pumpkin on top of the body as a head. His nicknames are "Jack o' lantern" and "Scarecrow". His eye, nose and mouth glows green to light the dark, see in the dark, and scares people in frightening horror. Well–educated on the psychology of fear, Develops various tools which induce crippling fear, and gaining superhuman strength, endurance, and a more potent hallucinogen. The weapons he has is Fear Guns, Fear bombs, fear gas sprayer, fear darts, a poisonous dagger, a scythe/pitchfork, needles strapped to each of his fingers on his left hand with which he injects his fear toxins into his victim, and other Halloween weapons.