Joker is the bride of Jester. She has the same abilities and weapons as Jester. She has the soul of Harley Napier.


She is very funny and can make just about anyone laugh, and loves to give hugs. She's funny, kind, laughs a lot, scary, dark, mean to enemies. Her flaws are uncontrollable laughter. She likes high places, jokes and riddles, funny novels, comedy movies, but hates bad jokes.


A bottomless clown package with his Scepter, a Knife, a Handgun, a Mace, a Razor-sharped scissors, a Deck of bladed playing cards, an Acid–squirting flower, Explosive Cyanide– acid stuffed Ice Cream pies, Exploding cigars filled with nitroglycerin, Harpoon guns that utilize razor–sharp BANG!–flags, Flaming Whoopee Cushion, Oil–slick grease–filled bananas, TNT Popcorn, Clown blowhorn, Soda siphon seltzer bottle, Candy bazooka, Poisonous snake–nut can, Strangling party hornblower, Super–strong springs connected to his shoes, a Hypno–gold coin, Smiling heart–shaped laughing gas bomb, Flesh–eating bubble gum blower, Small juggling venom–filled chainsaws, Itch/Sneeze/Fart powder, clown tie–like rope, Razor-Bladed Juggle Rings, Grenade juggle balls, Stilts, and an Electric joy buzzer, all in Clown Toxin.


She was named after The Most Evil Clown of The World.