IG-99 The German War Bot
IG-99 is an Nazi Android Robot who has the ability of Bionic Physiologies.


IG-99 is designed after Star Wars Character, IG–88A.


The weapons, IG-99 has, is Gas dispenser, Built–in blasters, DAS–560 Neural Inhibitor, Flamethrower, Sonic stunner, Stun pulsar, Paralysis cord and Concussion grenade launcher. His hidden weapon is Nuclear Radioactive Plutonium


IG-99 has an advanced aspect of artificial intelligence in which smart machines display idiosyncratic human behavior.


IG–99 was the robotic assassin android who was created by Professor Zivilabzeichen with the blood of the Nazi scientist, named Dr. Viktor Brandt and as part of a secret Imperial project commissioned by "Nightmare Enterprises", IG–99 had a violent awakening. Upon activation, he rapidly expanded his memory, growing to the brink of sentience due to a new programming package installed within.