Destroyer The Terminator
Destroyer the Terminator is a Nazi Cyborg who called "Destroyer" or "Terminator" for short.


Destroyer the Terminator was designed after Star Wars Character, Dengar


The weapons Destroyer the Terminator has is is Valken–38 blaster rifle, DL–21 blaster pistol, concussion grenades, flamethrower and vibroblade.


Destroyer the Terminator has an advanced aspect of artificial intelligence in which smart machines display idiosyncratic human behavior.


Before becoming a puppet, He was a Nazi bounty hunter and the pilot of the Gestapo 2-09, named "Karl Albrecht". Brought up in the culture of swoop bikes and becoming a successful racer himself, Destroyer also led a double life as a successful bounty hunter during the World War II, becoming one of the Nazi's most efficient mercenaries; his work teamed him with the likes of bounty hunters such as the other Nazis. Destroyer would eventually give up the life of bounty hunting to pursue his other passion: The Nazi Bomber.